1903 b. 21st. February in Le Havre, Seine-Maritime. 
    Only child of Auguste Queneau and Josephine Mignot.
    French Poet and Writer, novelist.
    ==Early years==
    ==Post War==

 ==Early years==
 1908 Lycee Francois 1er in Le Havre with fellow students Georges Limbour, 
    Armand Salacrou and Jean Dubuffet.

 1919 First baccalaureat for Latin and Greek, 

 1920 Second for philosophy 

 1921 - 1923 Sorbonne (studied both letters and mathematics, graduating with 
    certificates in philosophy and psychology.

 1924 Joined the Surrealists. 
    Met Michel Leiris, while vacationing in Nemours with Andre Masson, Armand Salacrou   
    and Juan Gris?. 
    A common friend, Roland Tual, met Queneau on a train from Le Havre and brought him over. 

 1925 Signed the Declaration of January 27 1925.

 1925 - €“1926 Military service as a zouave in Algeria and Morocco.
    Meets Yves Tanguy at a house rented by Marcel Duhamel and Jacques Prevert 
    and where Benjamin Peret also stayed.

 1926 On cordial terms with Andre Breton.

 1926 - 1927 He and Michel Leiris met at the Cafe Certa, near L'Opera, a Surrealist hang-out. 
    Leiris and Queneau became friends later while writing for Georges Bataille's Documents.

 1927 Signs Manifesto Hands Off Love in defense of Charlie Chaplin.

 1928 Feb; Fifth Session of Investigating Sex : Maxime Alexandre, 
    Andre Breton, Marcel Duhamel, Max Ernst, M, Marcel Noll, Benjamin Peret, 
    Jacques Prevert, Raymond Queneau, Georges Sadoul, Pierre Unik.
    m. Janine Kahn; sister of Simone Breton wife of Andre Breton.
    The year that Breton left Simone, she sometimes traveled around France with Queneau and his wife.

 1929 Left the Surrealist Group.

 1930 Participated in Un Cadavre (A Corpse, 1930), a vehemently anti-Breton pamphlet 
    co-written by Georges Bataille, Michel Leiris, Jacques Prevert, 
    Alejo Carpentier?, Jacques Baron, Jacques-Andre Boiffard, Robert Desnos, 
    Georges Limbour, Max Morise Georges Ribemont-Dessaignes, and Roger Vitrac.

 1930 - 1934 Wrote brief reviews for Boris Souvarine ->'s La Critique sociale.  

 1931 Holiday with Max Morise in  Canadel.

 1930's a student of Alexandre Kojeve ->  who became a close friend.

 1934 Birth of his son, Jean-Marie.

 1938 Began as a reader for the Gallimard publishing house, where he worked for much of life.

 1939 Drafted but demobilized in 1940. 
    Through the remainder of World War II, he and his family lived with the painter 
    Elie Lascaux -> in Saint-Leonard-de-Noblat.
    Taught at l'E‰cole Nouvelle de Neuilly. 
    Met Raoul Ubac in Paris.

 1944 March 19th, Le Desir attrapé par la queue ->, Surrealist play written by 
    Pablo Picasso three years earlier; is acted out by Sartre ->, Simone Beauvoir ->,   
    Queneau, Michael Leiris?, Dora Maar, Valentine Hugo and directed by Camus.

  ==Post War==
 1948 Became a member of la Societe Mathematique de France.

 1950 Satrap in the College of Pataphysics.

 1951 Elected to the Academie Goncourt.

 1952 L⠀™Academie de l’ Humour.

 1953 During this time, Queneau also acted as a translator, notably for Amos Tutuola's -> 
    Palm Wine Drinkard and L'Ivrogne dans la brousse.
    Additionally, he edited and published Alexandre Kojeve's lectures on Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit. 

 1955 - €“1957 Juryist at the Cannes Film Festival.

 1955 Worked with Luis Bunuel on the screenplay of La Mort et ce jardin.

 1956 Director of l⠀™Encyclopedie de la Pleiade.

 1959 Publicatin of his novel Zazie dans le metro. Perhps inspiring Zazie.

 1960 Worked on the film adaptation by Louis Malle -> at the height of the Nouvelle Vague movement. 

 1960 Ouvroir de litterature potentielle OULIPO? see link ->.

 1972? Death of Janine.

 1976 d. October 25th.
    Buried with his parents in the old cemetery of Juvisy-sur-Orge, in Essonne outside Paris.

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