Model T Ford introduced; Color choice Black.
  Christian Science Monitor begins publication.
  Neue Gedichte (New Poems) by Rainer Maria Rike
  Autobiography of a Super-Tramp by William Henry Davies; Introduction George 
  Bernard Shaw.
  Bulgaria declares Independence
  Mulay Hafid becomes Sultan of Morocco.
  Marc Chagall paints -> Nu Rouge.
  Wilhelm Worringer ~> publishes Abstraction and Empathy, which contrasts
  abstract art with representational art as a withdrawal from the world versus an
  engagement with it: German Expressionism and English Vorticism elaborate this
  psychological polarity in distinctive ways. 
  Herbert Henry Asquith becomes prime minister of UK.
  William Howard Tafy becomes President of USA
  Suffragette Elisabeth Pankhurst and her daughter Christine jailed.
  Constantin Brancusi sculpts The Kiss 

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