1897 b. September 10th. in Billom in the Auvergne. 
   a French  writer of philosophical theories.
 1917 Joined the seminary at Saint-Fleur with the intention of becoming a priest.

 1922 Renounced his faith.
   Worked at the Bibliotheque Nationale until 1944.

 1920's Bataille was involved with the Surrealist movement, calling himself the enemy from within.

 1924 Introduced to Michel Leiris by Andre Masson.
    Referenced by Joan Miro together with Michel Leiris in his painting 
    Musique, Seine, Michel, Bataille, et moi 
 1928 m. actress Silvia Makles. 
    Under the pseudonym Lord Auch wrote a manuscript Trickle of Blood included 
    in Andre Masson's book Histoire de l'oeil.

 1929 - 1931 Bataille edited the journal Documents.

 1930 Birth of daughter Laurence (1930-1986), who became a psychiatrist and 
    acted in Jean Renoir's movie French Cancan.
    Introduced to Luis Bunuel by Jacques Prevert.

 1933 October - March 1934 member of ultra left group Masses where he met and had 
    an affair with Dora Maar.

 1934 Georges and Silvia divorced.

 1935 co-founded the anti-Fascist group Contre Attaque with Andre Breton, 
    Claude Cahun and Henri Pastoureau.

 1936 appeared as a country priest in Renoir's  Une partie de compagne ->. 
   Bataille also had a liaison with "Laurie" Colette Peignot -> and Fr. -> See photo ->.
   Founder of Acephale, the symbol of which was a decapitated man.

 1939 co-founded with Michel Leiris and Roger Caillois the short-lived College de Sociologie.

 1941 Under the pseudonym Pierre Angelique publishes limited edition of Mme Edwarda(doc) -> and pdf ->.
   Copies dedicated to Paul Eluard and Rene Char.

Published by Jean Legrand misleadingly dated 1937.

 1943 Surrealists signed a pamphlet Nom de Dieu accusing him of collaboration 
   for publishing his Inner Experiance in occupied Paris.

 1946 Bataille married Diane de Beauharnais ->; they had one daughter.
   Madame Edwarda is illustrated -> by Rene Magritte.

 1961 Pablo Picasso, Max Ernst and Joan Miro arranged an auction of paintings 
   to help him in his financial difficulties.

 1962? d. July 8th. Paris.

 1965  Mme Edwarda republished with engravings by Hans Bellmer.

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   Georges Bataille: An Intellectual Biography - Michel Surya (2010). 
   Erotism: Death and Sensuality - Georges Bataille. 

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