1897 b. Iquitos, Peru into into a prosperous Alsatian Jewish family.
   French Thinker,Writer and player of Surrealist games who made important 
   contributions to the early Surrealist group. 
   She grew up in Paris.
 1920  June; Theodor Fraenkel introduces her to Andre Breton.

 1921 m. Andre Breton whose best man was Paul Valery.
   May; Vernissage for the first exhibition of Max Ernst in Paris carefully 
   prepared by herself, Andre Breton and Louis Aragon.

 1922 With Breton and Francis Picabia to Barcelona.

 1924 One of the core group who kept the Bureau of Surrealist Research open on 
   Wednesdays and Saturdays with Jacques-Andre Boiffard.
   Surrealist hypnotic sleep experiments with Robert Desnos which she reported 
   in detail to her cousin Denise Levy. 
   Friend of Youki who called her "a living encyclopedia".
   Took part in one of the original Cadavre Exquis with Jacques Prevert. 
   Marcel Duhamel remembers her kindness.
   Dec. Together with Louis Aragon, Breton, and Max Morise sends a bouquet of Roses -> 
   to Germaine Berton, on her acquittal of the assassination of Marius Plateau ->. 
   qui a fait ce que nous n'avons pas su faire.
   Surrealist Text published in La Revolution Surrealiste.

 1925 March; visits Megeve near the Swiss border with sister Janine Kahn and Max Morise
by Man Ray.
 1928 Her sister Janine Kahn  m. Raymond Queneau.

 1929 Breaks with Breton as do her friends Marcel Noll, Maxime Alexandre, 
   Pierre Naville and wife, Max Morise, Raymond Queneau

 1931 Divorces Breton 

 1938  m. Michel Collinet -> a Trotskyist.

 1939 Joins FIARI -> (Federation Internationale de l'Art Independant Revolutionnaire).

 1945 POpens a Paris Art Gallery.

 1980 d. March 30th. in Paris.

   Surrealist Women -> - Penelope Rosemont (1998)

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