1900 b. Courbevoie  French Writer & Poet.

 1908 Lycee Francois in Le Havre with fellow students Jean Dubuffet, Armand Salacrou 
   and Raymond Queneau.

 1916  During Military Service he meets Marcel Arland and Rene Crevel, 
   (who later with Roger Vitrac introduced him to Andre Breton.

 1920 Portrait de Georges Limbour  - Jean Dubuffet.

 1921 co-edited the avant-garde review Aventure with Roger Vitrac
    Rene Crevel, Marcel Arland, and Max Morise.

 1922 L'Enfant polaire (The Polar Child). 
    Met Andre Masson - a lifelong friend.

 1923 Le €™Illustre Cheval blanc.

 1924 Le Cheval de Venise + Glass Eyes.

 1925 Signed the Declaration of January 27 1925.

 1927 He visited Georges Braque in Normandy.
    Signs Manifesto Hands Off Love in defense of Charlie Chaplin.

 1929 Expelled from Surrealist group.

 1929 - [1930]] contributed to Georges Bataille's journal Documents
    with Andre Masson and Raymond Queneau.

 1930 Histoire de famille
    Signed the anti-Breton pamphlet Un Cadavre.

 1935 The Panorama.

 1943 introduces Jean Dubuffet to Jean Paulhan.

    After World War II, Limbour taught in Egypt and Poland.
 1945 Portrait -> by Andre Masson.

 1947 Together with Andre Masson€“ collaborated with Michel Leiris.

 1951 Masson defins.
    Around this time He visited Georges Braque in Normandy.

 1966 Visited England and Scotland with Michel Leiris and Sonia Orwell ->.

 1967-1968 visited Cuba with Michel Leiris.

 1970 d. in a swimming accident.

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