Andre Breton names Salvador Dali  Avida Dollars.
   Jan; 25th von Ribbentrop circulates The Jewish Questionto diplomatic and consular offices. 
   Feb; 500,000 Spaish Republican refugees arrive in France.
   March; Germany invades Czechoslovakia..
         28th. Fall of Madrid to Franco's forces. End of Spanish Civil War.    
   About -> 500,000 dead. 
   Marion Anderson is refused permission to rent the Constitution Hall in Washington DC because she is black.
   Louvre summer show Ballets Russes de Diaghilev 1909 - 1929; includes Max Ernst, Pablo Picasso, Giorgio de Chirico
   Sept; 3rd. Britain and France declare War on Germany.
        28th. Poland Partitioned between USSR and Germany
   Max Ernst first interned? in France together with Hans Bellmer
      Nov; Soviet troops invade Finland.

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