1901? b. July 31st. in Le Harvre to a wine merchant family.
   French Painter  and Sculptor.

==Early Years==

 1908 Lycee Francois 1er in Le Havre with fellow students Georges Limbour, Armand Salacrou 
   and Raymond Queneau.

 1918-1919  Moves to Paris with Georges Limbour in order to devote himself to painting. 
   Friends with Suzanne Valadon, Elie Lascaux, Max Jacob and Charles-Albert Cingria ->. 
   Visits Raoul Dufy [] in his studio. 

==Between Wars==

 1920-1921 Lived in Algiers with his parents.

 1922 Visited Andre Masson's studio and meets his neighbours Michel Leiris, 
   and  Joan Miro.

 1923 Introduced to Fernand Leger and meets Juan Gris? through the dealer 
   Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler.

 1924 Stops painting for 8 years. Travels to Buenos Aires.

 1925 Returns to Le Havre wine business.

 1927 m. ?

 1933-1935 Separates from his wife, Travels in Switzerland. 
   Gives up his business Moves to Paris to paint.
   Meets Emilie Carlu (Lili).

 1937 m. Lili in December.

 1943 Introduced by Georges Limbour to Jean Paulhan who paints him as a crustacean 
   and introduces him to Pierre Seghers ->, Louis Parrot ->, Paul Eluard, 
   Andre Franaud ->, Eugene Guillevic ->,  Francis Ponge ->, Jean Fautrier ->, Rene de Solier,
   Marcel Arland and Rene Drouin ->.

 1944  first exhibition at the Galerie Rene Drouin, Paris.

 1945 Travels in Switzerland where he undertakes research into the production of Art Brut. 
   Pierre Matisse visits him.

==Post War==

 1947 Portrait of Joe Bousquet.

 1948 First stay in the Sahara desert, in El Golea.
   Starts the Compagnie de l'€™Art Brut with Andre Breton, Jean Paulhan, Charles Raton ->,
   Henri-Pierre Roche, Michel Tapie? and Slavko Kopac?.

 1949 Visited Farley Farm; Lee Miller and Roland Penrose.

 1951 November. New York with Lili where he stays for six months. 
   Friendship with Yves Tanguy.

 1953 Edits book by Georges Limbour.

 1955 Moves to Venice.

 1958? Lithography in Paris.

 1960 Satrap in the College of Pataphysics.

 1963 Postumous publication of Kay Sage's last volume of poems Mordicus 
   with his drawings.

 1966 Begins a long and important series of sculptures in polystyrene and vinyl paint.

 1972? Returns to live in Paris.

 1985? d. May 12th. Paris.

   See wiki -> and web ->.

   See Timeline