May 10th.  Germans invade Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands and France.
     Joan Miro and family flee France. 
 June 14th. Germans enter Paris.
     Pierre Drieu La Rochelle becomes editor of the Nouvelle Revue Francaise
 June 18th. -> De Gaulle makes his speech -> L'Appel du 18 Juin. 
 June 22nd. Marshal Petain signs Armistice dividing France into occupied and nominally free -> Vichy France. 
 June 23rd. Hitler visits Paris.
 July; French demobilization.
      As part of his Revolution nationale Petain announces reform of school 
      system and purge of Teachers
 Aug. 12th. Vichy stopped handing out Exit visas to refugees.
 Aug. 14th Varian Fry arrives in Marseilles
      Salvador Dali arrives in New York.
 Aug. 20th. Trotsky assassinated in Coyoacán, Mexico.
 Sept View Published in New York by Charles Henri Ford?.
 Oct. 3rd. Vichy France legislates -> Statut des Juifs.  
      15,000 people had their French nationality revoked. 40% were Jews.
 Nov. Villa Air-Bel in Marseille rented by Mary Jane Gold on behalf of 
      Varian Fry.

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