Jacques Vache dies at the beginning of the year.
  Andre Breton enters into correspondence with Tristan Tzara.
  The group of three get to know Paul Eluard  
  andre Breton copies Ducasse’s Poésies. Publishes it in first edition of 
  Andre Breton issues an enquiry: 
  Why do you write?, publishing the responses in Litterature.

  Andre Breton proposes a new journal, initially to be entitled ''Le Nouveau 
  Monde'', to be edited with Louis Aragon and Philippe Soupault. 
  The first issue appears in March, entitled ironically Littérature? as suggested 
  by Paul Valéry after a line from Verlaine: And everything else is literature.  
  Andre Breton and Philippe Soupault write Les Champs magnétiques.
  Andre Breton Mont de piété.

  Art works
  Marcel Duchamp LHOOQ ~>.

  Treaties of Versailles, Sant Germain, and Neuilly reorganise European borders
  Arrest and murder of Rosa Luxemburg ~>.
  International Labor Office (ILO) created by the League of Nations.

  Modigliani ''Grande Nu ~>. 

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