American Writer.

 1942 b. Chicago.

 1957 Correspondence with Youki.

 1965 With her husband Franklin Rosemont visits Paris to meet Andre Breton 
    and his wife, Elisa Claro, Jehan Mayoux and Toyen.

 1966 Co-founder with her husband of the Chicago Surrealist Group.

 1973 Graphic designer for Arsenal/Surrealist Subversion ->.

 1994? Black Swan publishes Mary Low Where the Wolf Sings.

 1998? Publishes Surrealist Women ->.

 2005? ''Dancin' in the Streets! Anarchists, IWWs Surrealists, Situationists 
    & Provos in the 1960s''; contribution by Leonora Carrington.

 2008? ''Dreams and Everyday Life - Andre Breton, Surrealism, Rebel Worker, 
    SDS and the Seven Cities of Cibola''

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