1903 b  Lucie Badoul in Belgium of Swiss parents
   French artist's model.
 1920 Orphaned; lived off an inheritance of Russian and Turkish bonds, she went to Paris.

 1921 Read and inspired by Guillaume Apollinaire's La Femme Assise; 
   She headed for Montparnasse.
   The second evening, she saw Foujita with his friends. Lightning struck Lucie. 
   Foujita didn't notice and left. Lucie asked, 'Who knows this Asian with the glasses and 
   the fringe in front?' A waiter, Oecomomou, who knew Foujita because he'd been a witness 
   at Foujita's wedding, told her to go to Foujita's but she didn't dare. 

Instead she

   gave Oecomomou her address and asked him to get Foujita to contact her.
   Lucie waited in vain for a week. Finally, with the aid of some medicine students, 
   a date was fixed for 19:00 in the Rotonde.  Lightning then struck Foujita too; both were silent. 
   Finally Lucie got up the nerve to ask, "Why didn't you write me?"    Foujita replied 
   that Oecomomou had told him she was a crazy Russian. Foujita didn't like Russian women 
   if they were crazy. After that they didn't stop talking, which they continued for 
   three days while Fernande Barrey toured hospitals and the morgue   looking for her husband.
   Foujita renamed her Youki, or "Rose Snow". She would become his third wife. 
   He tattooed a mermaid on her right thigh.

 1925 Therese Treize tells her about the disruption of the banquet in honour of  Saint-Pol-Roux. 
   Notes that Simone Kahn is "a living encyclopedia.

 1930 Robert Desnos, Youki, Foujita, along with Foujita's cousin, set out 
   on a walking tour of the Burgundy region of France.

 1932 m.Robert Desnos. 
   He dedicated Secret Life of Youki to her.

 1934 He finished Youki Poesi.

 1941 June; party at their apartment with Sonia Mosse, Georges Hugnet, 
   Paul Eluard and Nusch.

 1945 June; Death of Desnos in Terezin Camp.
   Srated living with Henri Espinouze ->.

 1947 Started an art gallery in Paris.

 1957 correspondence with Penelope Rosemont.

 1964 d. Paris of cancer.

   Les Confidences De Youki - Youki Desnos

   See Le petite monde de Youki ->

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