b. Strasbourg 
    French Writer and German Translator
    Cousin of Simone Kahn (m. Andre Breton) and Janine Kahn (m. Raymond Queneau).
 1920 While still a teenager was the leader of her intellectual group.
    Mentored Marcel Noll and Maxime Alexandre.
    Sept. Meets Andre Breton when he holidays in Sarreguemines with Simone Kahn. 

 1922 Visits Paris; meets Louis Aragon.

 1924 Received detailed report of sleep experiments from Simone Breton, her cousin.

 1925 Produced some automatic writing; published in La Revolution Surrealiste. 
    Around this time m. Pierre Naville.
    Andre Breton, Louis Aragon, Rene Char, and Paul Eluard all dedicated poems to her.

 1928 Withdrew from Surrealism.
    Went on to translate Engels, Clausewitz, Holderlin, Marx, Bukharin

 1970 d. 

    Surrealist Women - Penelope Rosemont (1998). 

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