1879 b. Jan 22nd. Francois Marie Martinez Picabia, in Paris.
    French painter and poet.
    French mother and a Spanish-Cuban father who was an attache at the Cuban 
    legation in Paris.  
 ==Early Years==...

 ==Early Years==
 1886 Mother dies.

 1894 Picabia financed his stamp collection by copying a collection of Spanish 
    paintings that belonged to his father, switching the originals for the copies, 
    without his father's knowledge, and selling the originals.
    Fernand Cormon -> took him into his academy at 104 boulevard de Clichy, where 
    Van Gogh and Toulouse-Lautrec had also studied. 
    From the age of 20, he lived by painting; he subsequently inherited money.

 1895 Meets Camille Pissaro ->, Georges Braque and Marie Laurencin.

 1903 - 1908 Influenced by the Impressionists.

 1905 First one man exhibition. Taken up by Galerie Haussmann.

 1909 m. Gabriella Buffet. 
    He came under the influence of the Cubists and the Golden Section (Section d'Or), 
    or Puteaux Group.
    Cautchouc ~>.

 1910 Meets with Marcel Duchamp, Raymond Duchamp-Villon, and Guillaume Apollinaire.

 1911 Joined the Puteaux Group; 
    which met at the studio of Jacques Villon?; (Duchamp's brother).
    Other group members included Albert Gleizes ->,  Roger de La Fresnaye ->, 
    Fernand Leger and Jean Metzinger ->.
    Met and befriended Georges Ribemont-Dessaignes.

 1912 With Gabriela travels throgh Jura Mountains with Marcel Duchamp 
    and Guillaume Apollinaire.

 1913 birth of Cecile known as Jeannine (d.1977) by Gabriella.
    Only member of the Cubist group to personally attend the Armory Show in New York.
    Alfred Stieglitz gave him a solo exhibition at his gallery 291. 
    Met Man Ray.

 1914 Affair in Barcelona with Marie Laurencin; inspires Four in the Hand.

 1915 Visits New York. 
    Helps Alfred Stieglitz start 291 a new glossy art magazine.

 1916 While in Tossa del Mar, near Barcelona worked in a small circle of refugee 
    artists that included Marie Laurencin, Robert Delaunay, Sonia Delaunay 
    and Albert Gleizes ~> .
    Also met with Arthur Cravan and Serge Charchoune (who he heavily 
    influenced) and Tristan Tzara. 
    Back in Paris, and now with his mistress Germaine Everling. 
    Meets with Andre Breton, Paul Eluard, Philippe Soupault and Louis Aragon 
    at Certa, a bar in the passage de l'Opera.

 1917 - 1924 Edited the Dada magazine 391 published in 
    Barcelona, New York, Zurich, Paris, as a bridge  between the Zurich dadaists, 
    French surrealists, Marcel Duchamp and others.

 1917 Affair with Isadora Duncan? in New York.
    Attends Florine Stettheimer's Soirees.
    Contributes to The Blind Man.
    Together with Marcel Duchamp invited Arthur Cravan to deliver his 
    famous and scandalous lecture.  

 1918 Settles in Switzerland.

 1919 birth of son Lorenzo by Germaine Everling.
    With Gabriela visits the Dadaists in Zurich where they were met by Tristan Tzara.
    and Hans Arp.     March; Returns to Paris.
    Reveil Matin
Larger ->
 1920 Jan; meets Andre Breton
    Portrait of Cezanne
    and La Sainte Vierge ->.
    Publishes Man Ray's work in 391
    May; Contributes to Projecteur - Celine Arnauld.
    May 26th. Margueritte Buffet? performed his La Nourrice Americaine 
    which consisted of "three notes repeated to infinity"  at the Festival Dada, 
    staged at the Salle Gaveau in Paris.
    Founds journal Cannibale?
    Dec; Louis Aragon describes the vernissage of his exhibition at Povolozky's 
    Galerie La Cible.

 1921 He denounced Dada.
    Ill with an eye infection he makes''L’Oeil Cacodylate ~> which had the following signatures ~>.
    Y. Moreau, Paul Dermée, Darius Milhaud, Marthe Chenal ~>, Marguerite Buffet - pianist,
    Fratellini Ricordi - clowns, Jean Metzinger ~>, Celine Arnauld, 
    Dodo Doilac (possibly a dancer ~>, Georges Ribemont-Dessaignes, Thomas Salignac, Jean Cocteau, 
    Jean Crotti, Fatty Arbuckle~>, George de Zayas ~>, Marcelle Evrard, 
    Madge Lipton, Jacques Rigaut, Andre Dunoyer de Segonzac ~>, Georges Casella (author), Jean Hugo
    Suzanne Duchamp, Benjamin Peret, Helene Jourdan-Morhange ~>, Raphaël-Schwartz ~>,
    Georges Auric, Gabriella Buffet, Valentine Hugo, René Blum ~>, Clement Pansaers,
    PHARAMOUSSE (Picabia), Pierre de Massot ~>, Serge Charchoune, Jacques Povolozky ~>, De Vader, 
    Francis Poulenc, Germaine Everling, Léo Claretie ~>, Henry Valensi ~>, Renata Borgatti ~>, 
    Marie de La Hire ~>, François Hugo, Michel Corlin (son of Germaine Everling),   Isadora Duncan ~>, Alice Malançon (wife of Henri ~>, 
    Hania Routchine (singer), Tristan Tzara
    Autumn; joins editorial board of The Little Review.

 1922 Nov. To Barcelona for his exhibition in the Dalmou gallery. 
    Travels with Simone Kahn and Andre Breton.
    Contributes to Litterature.

 1923 Soiree du Coeur a  barbe?.

 1924 Issued a personal attack against Andre Breton in the final issue of 391. 
    Appearance in Rene Clair's surrealist film Entr'acte -> with Marcel Duchamp and Man Ray with music 
    by Erik Satie.
    Inherits considerable sum from his uncle. 

 1925 Moved to Mougins with his family. 
    Olga Mohler is engaged as a governess. 
    Builds a villa Chateau-de-Mai.

 1927 Visits Barcelona.
    Attends the wedding of Marcel Duchamp to Lydie Fischer Sarazin-Levassor, filmed by
    Man Ray.

 1929 Paints Villica-caja ->  and Hera  ->.

 1930 Painted Otaïti ~>.
    Divorced from Gabriella.
    The couple had two daughters Laure and Cécile (called Jeannine) and two sons, 
    Vicente and Gabriel (called Pancho).
    Olga moves on board his yacht moored in front of the Cannes Casino.  

    During the 1930's he became a close friend of Gertrude Stein.

 1933 Portraits -> of Suzy Solidor.

 1939 Paints many nudes.

 1940 m. Olga.
    In the early 1940s  he produced a series of paintings based on the nude glamour 
    photos in French "girlie" magazines Some of these went to an Algerian merchant 
    who sold them on, and so Picabia came to decorate brothels across North Africa 
    under the Occupation. 
larger ->.
    Hosts photographer Jean Moral ~> (Fr) and his wife Juliette who have fled Paris.

 1942 Portrait of Juliette Bastide ~>.

 1945 Before the end of World War II, he returned to Paris where he resumed 
    abstract painting and writing poetry.

 1949 sStarts writing Poetry and becomes habitue of the Bal Negre (Fr). ->
    Visited by Sarane Alexandrian and states:
    How little I care about my painting, if only the vital spirit, which is the art 
    of celebrations, remains with me!

 1951 Hospitalized after cerebral hemorrhage. 
    Stops painting. Returns to his studio on rue Danielle Casanova.

 1953 Nov 30th. died in Paris and was interred in the Cimetiere de Montmartre. 

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