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 ==Biography A - C==
 ==Biography D - F==
 ==Biography G - M==
 ==Biography N - T==
 ==Biography U - Z==

 For other recent publications see Surrealist NYC list ->

  ==Biography A - C==
 Eileen Agar
 A Look at my Life - Eileen Agar + Andrew Lambirth  (1988)

 Guillaume Apollinaire
 Apollinaire, Poet among the Painters - Francis Steegmuller (1963). 

 Antonin Artaud
 Antonin Artaud - Martin Esslin 
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 Georges Bataille
 Georges Bataille: An Intellectual Biography - Michel Surya (2010) 
 Erotism: Death and Sensuality - Georges Bataille 

 Victor Brauner
 Victor Brauner: Surrealist Hieroglyphs - Victor Brauner (2001) 

 Andre Breton
 Revolution of the Mind: The Life of Andre Breton - Mark Polizzotti (1997 revised 2009)

 Luis Bunuel
 A companion to Luis Bunuel - Gwynne Edwards (2010) 
 Memoirs of a Woman Without a Piano: My Life with Luis Bunuel - Jeanne Rucar de Bunuel 

 Claude Cahun
 Don't Kiss Me: The Art of Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore - (2006) 

 Leonora Carrington
 Leonora Carrington; Surrealism, Alchemy and Art - Susan L. Aberth (2010) 

 Nancy Cunard
 Nancy Cunard: Heiress, Muse, Political Idealist - Lois Gordon. 
 These Were the Hours - Nancy Cunard (1969) 

  ==Biography D - F==
 Salvador Dali
 The Shameful Life of Salvadore Dali - Ian Gibson (1998)  

 Diane Deriaz
 La Tete a Lenvers: Souvenirs D'une Trapeziste Chez Les Poetes (Paperback) (1988) with preface by Lawrence Durrell 

 Robert Desnos
 Robert Desnos, Surrealism, and the Marvelous in Everyday Life - Katharine Conley (2006) 

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 Max Ernst Life and Work - Werner Spies (2006) 
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 A Not-so-still-life  - Jimmy Ernst (1984) 
 Max Ernst and Alchemy - ME Warlick (2001) 

 Leonor Fini
 Sphinx: The Life and Art of Leonor Fini - Peter Webb (2009) 

  ==Biography G - M==
 Arshile Gorky
 Black Angel: The Life of Arshile Gorky - Nouritza Matossian (2000) 
 Arshile Gorky - Hayden Herrera (2003)

 Jindrich Heisler
 Jindrich Heisler: Surrealism under Pressure, 1938-1953 -> 
    (2012) Eds. Jindrich Toman , Matthew S. Witkovsky Series: Art Institute of Chicago.

 Tristram Hillier
 Painter Pilgrim - The Art and Life of Tristram Hillier -> - Jenny Pery.

 Edward James
 Surreal Life: Edward James 1907-1984 - Sharon-Michi Kusunoki (1998) 
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 Humphrey Jennings 
 Humphrey Jennings - Kevin Jackson (2004) 

 Frida Kahlo
 Frida: A Biography of Frida Kahlo -  Hayden Herrera. (2002) 

 stanislao Lepri
  Stanislao Lepri (Author), Mario Praz (Foreword)

 Len Lye 
 Len Lye a Biography - Roger Horrocks (2001) 

 Dora Maar 
 Dora Maar - With and without Picasso: A Biography - Mary Ann Caws (2000) 

 Conroy Maddox
 Scandalous Eye: The Surrealism of Conroy Maddox - Silvano Levy (2003) 

 Rene Magritte 
 Magritte (World of Art) - Suzi Gablik (1985) 

 Emila Medkova 
 Emila Medkova - Karel Srp (2005) 

 Reuben Mednikoff
 Sluice Gates of the Mind: The Collaborative Work of Pailthorpe and Mednikoff - Leeds Museums & Galleries 

 Edouard Mesens
 Don't Tell Sybil: An Intimate Memoir of E.L.T. Mesens - George Melly (1997). 

 Lee Miller
 The Lives of Lee Miller - Antony Penrose (1985) 
 Lee Miller, A Life - Carolyn Burke (2005)  See Review
 Traces of Lee Miller: Echoes from St Malo (2007) an interactive CD and DVD  
 The Home of The Surrealists  -  Antony Penrose (2006) 

 Joan Miro
 Miro -> - Roland Penrose (1970) 

 Man Ray
 Man Ray'€™s Montparnasse - Herbert Lottman. (2001) 

  ==Biography N - T==
 Nadja - Andre Breton 

 Marie-Laure de Noailles
 Six Exceptional Women - James Lord (1994) 

 Meret Oppenheim
 Meret Oppenheim: Defiance in the Face of Freedom - Bice Curiger (1989) 
 Meret Oppenheim: Retrospective - Simon Baur (2007)

 Grace Pailthorpe
 Sluice Gates of the Mind: The Collaborative Work of Pailthorpe and Mednikoff - Leeds Museums & Galleries 

 Pablo Picasso
 Picasso - Patrick O'Brian (1976) 
 A Life of Picasso: The Prodigy, 1881-1906 - John Richardson (2007) 
 A Life of Picasso: The Cubist Rebel, 1907-1916 - John Richardson (2007) 
 A Life of Picasso: The Triumphant Years, 1917-1932 (Vol 3) - John Richardson (2007) 
 Loving Picasso The Private Journal of Fernande Olivier  See Review
 Life with Picasso - Francoise Gilot (1989) 

 Kay Sage
 A house of her own: Kay Sage, solitary surrealist - Judith Suther 

 Gertrude Stein
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 Karel Teige
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 Alice B Toklas
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  ==Biography U - Z==
 Pierre Unik
 Prisons and Visions: Pierre Unik's Journey from Surrealism into Marxism - Helen Schawlow (1990) 

 Remedios Varo
 Remedios Varo: Unexpected Journeys (2000) Janet Kaplan 

 Scottie Wilson
 Peddler Turned Painter - Anthony J. Petullo and Katherine M. Murrell (2004) 

  Les Confidences De Youki - Youki Desnos  (French)

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