Feb; Permanent Court of International Justice opens at The Hague.
 March; IRA is formally constituted in Ireland
 May; Dada staged its own funeral.
      Max Ernst painted "At the Rendezvous of Friends"
      In Madrid Salvador Dali becomes close friends with  Luis Bunuel and Federico Garcia Lorca.
 Oct; Benito Mussolini leads his black shirts on a march on Rome.
      In UK Lloyd George resigns and Bonnar Law heads new government.
      US Coal miners strike for 6 months.
      T.S Eiot publishes The Wasteland
      Sylvia Beech? publishes Ulysses by James Joyce in Paris after being refused by all other "reputible" publishing houses
      Foundation of the BBC
      Pablo Picasso paints Still life with Guitar.
      Joan Miro paints The Farm

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