1901 b. April 13th. in Paris.
   French psychoanalyst and psychiatrist who made prominent contributions to psychoanalysis, 
   philosophy, and literary theory. 
   Lacan was an active intellectual of the inter-war period.
   He associated with Andre Breton and Georges Bataille, Salvador Dali 
   and Pablo Picasso. 
   He attended the movement Psyche founded by Maryse Choisy ->. 
   Published in the Surrealist journal Minotaure  and attended the first 
   public reading of Ulysses. 
   His interest in surrealism predated his interest in psychoanalysis.  
   ''Perhaps Lacan never really abandoned his early surrealist 
   sympathies, its neo-Romantic view of madness as 'convulsive beauty', its celebration 
   of irrationality, and its hostility to the scientist who murders nature by dissecting it.''
   Frequent visitor to Adrienne Monnier's Bookshop.
 1933 Salvador Dali was to refer to Lacan's doctoral thesis in the first issue 
   of the Surrealist review Minotaure.

 1934 m. Marie-Louise Blondin.

 1938 Started affair with Silvia Makles estranged wife of his friend 
   Georges Bataille.

 1941 Daughter Judith with Silvia, who kept surname Bataille.

 1945 As Pablo Picasso's personal physician and introduced by Paul Eluard he helped 
   get Dora Maar committed after her breakdown.

 1947 meets Balthus.

 1953 m. Sylvia.

 1980 Jan. dissolves his Freudian School.

 1981 Dec. 09th. d. Paris

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