1892 b. April 26th.
   She owned the bookshop Aux amis des livres which became a hang out for young poets and writers,
   such as Paul Fort, Paul Valery, Pascal Pia, Jules Romain, James Joyce, Ezra Pound, Charles Vildrac, 
   Georges Duhamel, Ernest Hemingway, Jacques Lacan, Francis Scott Fitzgerald, Leon-Paul Fargue, Andre Gide, 
   Walter Benjamin, Nathalie Sarraute, Valery Larbaud, Jacques Prevert, Francis Poulenc, 
   Andre Breton and Louis Aragon.

 1915 opens her bookshop "La Maison des Amis des Livres".

 1916 meets Andre Breton.

 1919 Met and proceeded to live with Sylvia Beach; both were friends of Claude Cahun.
   Possible meeting in her bookshop of Louis Aragon and Elizabeth Eyre.

 1921 Sylvia Beach opens Shakespeare and Company -> right across the road.

 1927 photographed by Berenice Abbott.

 1928 first meets Samuel Beckett.

 1929 publishes first French translation of James Joyce's Ulyssess.

 1935 Published the thesis of the refugee photographer Gisele Freund.

 1936 separated from Beach.

 1939 Gisele Freund has an exhibition at her bookshop.

 1954 Ill health leads her to pass her Bookshop on to Jean-Francois Chabrun

 1955 d. June 19th. in Paris Suicide by overdose.

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