1928 b. Joyce Patricia Ad├Ęs, in Bowden, England 
    to Jewish-Egyptian parents
    English post war surrealist Poet who lived in Cairo.
 1947 d. of first husband Robert Habib.

 1949 m. Samir Mansour.
    Whilest still in Egypt she had met the poet Georges Henein

 1953 Moved to Paris.
    Met Andre Breton who introduced her to Pierre Alechinsky, Wifredo Lam, 
    Roberto Matta, Henri Michaux, Andre Pieyre de Mandiargues 
    Publishes Screams.

 1954 Joined the Surrealists.

 1955 I want to Sleep with You ->.

 1956 Met and worked with Pierre Molinier. See ~>

 1958? Les Gisants satisfaits hailed by Andre Breton as this century's 
    Garden of Earthly Delights and a masterpiece of black humour.

 1959  Jean Benoit gave a Surrealist performance piece titled 
    Execution of the Testament of the Marquis de Sade performed at her apartment.  
    Andre Breton read from de Sade and Benoit ended up by branding himself as 
    apparantly so did Roberto Matta .
 1969? On break up of Paris group she took part in the regroupment around the 
    Bulletin de liason surrealiste and collaborated on Arsenal / Surrealist Subversion.

 1960 Feb; took part in the BBC broadcast In defense of Surrealism with Robert Benayoun, 
    Nora Mitrani, and Octavio Paz - moderator Jacques Brunius.

 1966 Damnations  by Roberto Matta. 
    Her books were also illustrated by Jean Benoit, Pierre Alechinsky, 
    Enrico Baj, Hans Bellmer, Jorge Camacho, Wifredo Lam, Roberto Matta, Pierre Molinier, 
    Reinhoud and Max Walter Svanberg. 

 1978? Flash Card translated by Mary Beach

 1986? d. Paris

    See work and wiki (Fr). and also ~>

    See Timeline