1906 b. Sept. 16th. in Paris as Jacques Henri Cottance. 
    French actor, director and writer. 

 1930 Assistant to Luis Bunuel in the making of L'Âge d'or.

 1932 m Colette Therese Jeannette Halmann sister to Denise Bellon.

 1933 ? Member of agit-prop theatre Groupe Octobre.
    Birth of daughter Laure-Anne.

 1935 joined the Surrealists; 
    Friendship with Claude Cahun.

 1940 Leaves France for London.
   April attends a meeting at Barcelona Restaurant, Beak St.

 1942 Argument with Toni del Renzio.

 1944 Published in Fulcrum ~>.
   I Love ->.
   Ad Nauseam
 1945 Resumes correspondence with Claude Cahun after her release from 

 1946 Included in Free unions - Unions libres. Editor Simon Watson Taylor.

 1948 Divorced from Colette.

 1951 m. Cecile Chevreau.

 1956 son Richard born.

 1959 Language and Lore of Children.
   Met Janet a.k.a. Jeannette Edwards, a young Welsh actress who would be his last companion.

 1960 Feb; Moderated the BBC broadcast In defense of Surrealism with 
   Robert Benayoun, Joyce Mansour, Nora Mitrani and Octavio Paz.

 1967 The Enchanted Domain an exhibition in Exeter after discussions 
   between , Jacques Brunius, Conroy Maddox, and 
   John Lyle
   d. April. 24th. in Exeter. 
   Cremated in Sidmouth with a tribute by ELT Mesens.

   See wiki and IMDB ->.
   The Jacques-B. Brunius Papers -> include correspondence (1940-1967), original works, translations 
   and adaptations, BBC materials, newspaper clippings, and photographs. 
   Correspondents include Robert Benayoun, Andre Breton, Marcel Duchamp, Jean Ferry, 
   J. H. Matthews, E.L.T. Mesens, Jean Paulhan, Simon Watson Taylor, 
   Brunius's family members, and many others.

   See Timeline