1914 b. Jan 20th. in Cairo.
     Son of Sadiq Henein, a Coptic minister in the government of King Fuad I. 
     Egyptian Poet, editor, and journalist.

 1924 Moves to Spain.

 1934 Returns to Egypt. Meets Ida Kar.

 1938 Dec; thirty-one writers, artists, and lawyers signed his manifesto 
     The Degenerate Art Is Alive.
     Published his first collections of poem Absurdity of Being.

 1939 Forms the Society of Art and Freedom.
     Recalled Andre Breton was more statuesque from having met Trotsky.
     Chance meeting with Therese Trieze who shows him Breton's     love letters.
     Meets Ikbal El Alaily.
     Around this time knew Joyce Mansour

 1947 Andre Breton complains to him of the reticence shown by so many of the 
     younger members towards the movement.

 1954 finally m. Ikbal.

 1973 d. July 17th. 

 1981 Georges Henein by Sarane Alexandrian in the series Poets of yesterday.

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