1922 b. in Quebec.  
   French Canadian Sculptor
   Known as The Enchanter of Serpents.
   studied art at the Ecole des Beaux Arts de Montreal

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   Dedicated to de Sade
 1947 met and married Mimi Parent. 
   with her and  Lucien Pellan was part of Prisme d'Yeux, an organisation of Quebec artists.

 1948 They moved to Paris.

 1959 Met Andre Breton
   Dec; performed a piece entitled The Execution of the Testament of the Marquis de Sade]] at the 
   apartment of Joyce Mansour where Andre Breton read de Sade's Testament 
   and Benoit finished by branding his chest SADE.
   Roberto Matta also branded himself at this event.
 1996? First Solo exhibition at the Galerie 1900-2000 in Paris where Annie Le Brun 
   publishes her monograph -> on Jean Benoit.

 1969? Film appearance in Ni d'Eve, ni d'Adam by Michel Zimbacca.

 2002? Dedication to Zazie.

 2005? Death of Mimi Parent. 

 2010? d. August 20th. Paris.

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   and Zazie

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