1909 March 14th b. Paris; Andre Pieyre de Mandiargues.
    French Writer sometime Photographer.
  1932 Meets Leonor Fini.

  1933 Travels Europe by car with Leonor Fini and Henri Cartier-Bresson.

  1938 Meets Hans Bellmer.
    With Leonor Fini visits Max Ernst and Leonora Carrington in Saint-Martin d'Ardeche.

  1943 Publishes his first book in Monaco. Dans les anees sordides .

  1946 Publishes Le musee noir influenced by Louis Aragon and with a story 
    dedicated to Meret Oppenheim.

  1947 Joins the Surrealists.

  1950 m. the Italian painter Bona Tibertelli de Pisis.

  1954 Meets Unica Zurn.
    Friendship with Anne Desclos and her lover Jean Paulhan.

  1958? Visits Mexico with Bona.

  1959 Exhibits at Exposition inteRnatiOnale du Surrealisme ? in Paris.
    Dec; photographed in Venice with Nora Mitrani and Julien Gracq.

  1967 le marge.

  1969? Writes introduction to Hans Bellmer's Oeuvre grave.

  1978? Arcimbold? le merveilleux.

  1991? Dec. 13rd. d. in Paris.

    Five of his works were filmed by Walerian Borowczyk ->
  inc 1976, The Margin ->; see ->.
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