1921 June 5th. b. Paris.

    French Writer

    Met his future wife Marie-Andrée at the Sorbonne. 

 1938 Took part in the Manifestations of the Neo Dada groupe Les Reverberes
    with his companions Noel Arnaud Francis Crémieux, Jean-Claude Diamant Berger, 
    Nadine Lefébure ->, Marc Patin, Regine Raufast, Jean-Francois Chabrun.

 1941 Member of La Main a Plume.

 1943 His L'Incendie habitable ("The Inhabitable Fire") included in La Main a Plume 
    third pamplet.

 1947 m Marie-Andree.

 1950 re-meets Andre Breton.
    Around this time starts his writings on the Knights Templar and Rennes le Chateau ->.

    See wiki -> and wiki (Fr). -> and Living in the Languedoc ->.

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