1920 June 22nd. b. Mayenne en Mayenne.
    French  Poet and Writer.

  1938 Took part in the Manifestations of the Neo Dada groupe Les Reverberes
    with his companions Noel Arnaud Francis Crémieux, Jean-Claude Diamant Berger, 
    Nadine Lefébure ->, Marc Patin, Regine Raufast, Gerard de Sede.
    Published an article in Les Reverberes about Degenerate Art ->.

  1941 Joined La Main A Plume working with Noel Arnaud and Christian Dotremont.
    One of the signatories to Etat de presence, the group's founding manifesto,
    with Adolphe Acker, Marc Patin, Regine Raufast, 
    Robert Rius, Hans Schoenhoff and Gerard Vulliamy.
    Portrait by Tita.

  1943 Qui fait la pluie et le beau temps published by La Main a Plume
    Illustrated Tita.

  1944 Excluded from La Main A Plume. 

  1947 - 1948? Secretary to Louis Aragon.

  1954? Takes over the bookshop of Adrienne Monnier.

  1987? Sept. 18th d. Vers-Pont-du-Gard.

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