French  Writer 

  1938 Took part in the Manifestations of the Neo Dada groupe Les Reverberes
    with her companions Noel Arnaud Francis Crémieux, Jean-Claude Diamant Berger, 
    Nadine Lefébure ->, Marc Patin, Jean-Francois Chabrun, Gerard de Sede.

  1939 Affair with Christian Dotremont.

  1941 Joined La Main A Plume.
    One of the signatories to Etat de presence, the group's founding manifesto,
    with Adolphe Acker, Jean-François Chabrun, Marc Patin, 
    Robert Rius, Hans Schoenhoff and Gerard Vulliamy.

  1942 Companion of Raoul Ubac.
      Essay  Image et photographie. 

      Linked with Edouard Jaguer, Maurice Blanchard, Laurence Iche, 
      and Robert Rius.

  1944 Defends Rene Magritte's Le Modele Rouge -> shown in the Salon d'Autumne and 
      disparaged by Andre Lhote.

  1946 Tribute to Christian Dotremont in the Belgian journal 
      La Coquete du monde pour Ímage See ->.

      Suspected Suicide.

      See Timeline