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Pre 1900
 1879 Birth of Francis Picabia.

 1886 Birth of Jean Arp

 1887 Birth of Marcel Duchamp.

 1890 Birth of Man Ray

 1896 Birth of Andre Breton and Tristan Tzara.

 1897 Oct. Birth of Louis Aragon

 1898 Birth of Peggy Guggenheim
 1900 Births of Luis Bunuel, Roland Penrose and Rene Crevel.




 1904 Birth of Salvador Dali.


 1906 Birth of Oscar Dominguez.

 1907 Guillaume Apollinaire writes Les Onze Mille Verges.  Officially 
    banned in France in until 1970. 
    Births of Lee Miller and Leonor Fini.

 1908 Constantin Brancusi sculpts The Kiss ->.
    Model T Ford introduced; Color choice Black.



 1912  Nude Descending a Staircase by Marcel Duchamp rejected by the 
    Puteaux Group for exhibition in the Salon des Independants.

 1913 Armory Show opens in New York, then to Chicago and Boston. 
    Seen by about 250,000 people.

 1914 Aug; Germany declares War on Russia and France and invades Belgium.
    Britain Declares War on Germany


 1916 Feb; Dada kicks off with the opening of the Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich.

 1917 April; USA declares War on Germany.
    May; Guillaume Apollinaire coined the word surrealism. 
    Birth of Leonora Carrington.
    Fountain - R. Mutt (Marcel Duchamp) rejected by The Society of Independent 
    Artists, New York. 

 1918 Nov; Armistice. End of World War I. 
    Total about 10 Million deaths and 20 Million severely disabled.
    The Great Spanish Flu pandemic -> about 400,000 died in France. Including 
    Guillaume Apollinaire (Nov) aged 38.

 1919 First edition of Litterature

 1921 July; Man Ray arrives in Paris. 
     Birth of Laurence Iche.
     Creation of Rrose Selavy.

 1922 May; Dada staged its own funeral.

     Max Ernst painted "At the Rendezvous of Friends"
     In Madrid Salvador Dali becomes close friends with  Luis Bunuel 
     and Federico Garcia Lorca. 


 1924 with Andre Breton's Manifesto of 1924.

 1925 The Surrealist Declaration of January 27 1925.



 1928 Andre Breton publishes Nadja.

 1929 Oct; Wall Street Crash -> reverberates worldwide.
     Nov; Suicide Jacques Rigaut aged 31
     Salvador Dali and Luis Bunuel make Un Chien Andalou.
 1930 film Le Age d'Or with Salvador Dali, Luis Bunuel and Man Ray 




 1934 Feb. Paris Riots. Salvador Dali expelled from Surrealists.
     Man Ray made his collage Surrealist Chessboard.
     Edouard Mesens organised the first surrealist exhibition in Belgium.

 1935 International Congress of Writers for the Defense of Culture in Paris. 
     Louis Aragon is eventually allowed to speak.
     June; Suicide Rene Crevel aged 35.

 1936 June - July International Surrealist Exhibition in London. 
     Attendance about 25,000.

 1937 Guernica. 
     Paris International Exposition dedicated to Art and Technology in Modern Life.

 1938 Max Ernst first interned in France together with Hans Bellmer.

 1939 Jan 25th von Ribbentrop circulates The Jewish Question to diplomatic and consular offices. 
     Feb; 500,000 Spanish Republican refugees arrive in France.
     March 28th. Fall of Madrid to Franco's forces. 
     End of Spanish Civil War ->. About 500,000 dead. 
     Sept. 3rd. Britain and France declare War on Germany.
     28th. Poland Partitioned between USSR and Germany
     Nov. Soviet troops invade Finland.
 1940 May; Germans Invade France; June enter Paris. Oct. 
     Surrealists and other refugees in Marseille. Villa Air-Bel



 1943 Suicide Elsie Houston aged 41.

 1944 Sylvain Itkine executed by Gestapo.

 1945 March; Suicide Pierre Drieu La Rochelle aged 52


 1947 ICA  -> cofounded in London by Roland Penrose, Herbert Read, 
     Peter Watson, Geoffrey Grigson, and Edouard Mesens.
     Group photograph at Galerie Maeght.


 1949 Surrealism denounced as un-american and subversive in Congress.
 1950 Luis Bunuel makes Los Olvidados.



 1953 Farley Farm. Death of Francis Picabia.


 1955 June; Suicide Adrienne Monnier aged 63.


 1957 Jan; Suicide Oscar Dominguez aged 51.


 1959 Sept. Suicide Wolfgang Paalen aged 54.
 1961 International Surrealism Exhibition in Milan ~>

 1963 death of Tristan Tzara.

 1966 Death of Andre Breton.

1968 Paris Riots ->.

Death of Marcel Duchamp

 1970 Guillaume Apollinaire's Les Onze Mille Verges Finally sees the light. 
     Written and banned in France in 1907.

 1976 Apr; Deaths of Max Ernst and Man Ray.
 1980 Jacques Lacan dissolves his Freudian School.

 1982 Dec; Death of Louis Aragon.

 1984 Apr. Death of Roland Penrose.

 1989 Death of Salvador Dali.
 1995 Opening of Fundacion Granell -> world's first museum 
     dedicated solely to Surrealism.
2000-Present Day
 2003 The beinArt International Surreal Art Collective ->.