1893? b. Sept 11th Jean Varda in Smryna, Turkey of mixed Greek and 
    French descent.

  1912 Moved to Paris and met Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque.

  1914 Moved to London. Became a Ballet dancer.

  1922 First One man show in London. Met Roland Penrose.
    Returned to Paris.
    Married to Dorothy.

  1923 Moved to Cassis sur Mer sharing a house with Roland Penrose,
    and met Valentine Bouee who became Roland´s wife.
    In the summers there he met Joan Miro, Andre Derain, Max Ernst, 
    Roger Fry ->, Clive Bell -> and Wolfgang Paalen among others.

  1930 Visits New York for a one man show at the Neumann Willard Gallery.

  1936 Exhibits at the International Surrealist Exhibition, London.

  1940 Leaves Europe for California.
    Meets and marries Virgina Barclay.

  1944 Invites Henry Miller to stay. 
    Introduced by letter to Anais Nin.

  1946 Gave Dance classes at Black Mountain College summer arts session in 
    North Carolina.

  1948 Divorces Virginia.

  1949 Built a studio in Sausalito with Gordon Onslow Ford on the 
    decommissioned ferryboat, Vallejo. 
    Introduces his pupil Marie Wilson to his guest Wolfgang Paalen.

  1955 m. Chryssa Vardea Mavromichali.

  1964 His Collages are used for the cover of an Anais Nin book - Collages ->.

  1971? Jan. 10th. d. Mexico City on way to visit Alice Rahon.

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