1931 b. Buenos Aires
    Argentinian - Painter and Sculptor

  1947 Exhibits at Galería Peuser, Buenos Aires.

  1949 Opened her own gallery / studio - Galería Vahiné

  1952 Exhibited in Eight Young Surrealist Artists,
    Galleria Kraid, Buenos Aires.

  1953 Visits Italy and then Paris.

  1954 Becomes secretary / assistant to Philippe Soupault.

  1957 Spends a year in Sweden.

  1959 m. Argentinian sculptor Julio Silva

  1960 Commisioned by Abel Gance to make figurines for Austerlitz.
     Met and befriended Nelly Kaplan.

  1969? Created the dolls for Nelly Kaplan's movie La fiancée du pirate ~>.

  1974? Moved to Pietrasanta, Tuscany, where she learned to work with marble.

  1979 Set up her workshop at the famous Bateau-Lavoir, in Montmartre.

  2000? Presents l'invention de l'alphabet ~> at Galerie Hune-Brenner.

     Her remarkably sensual and oneiric sculptures, characterized by 
     Sarane Alexandrian as humanimaux.

     See article ~> and also inc. work ~>.

   See Timeline