1940 - 1947 Magazine published New York by artist and writer 
  Charles Henri Ford, and writer and film critic Parker Tyler.

 Contributors: -
  Antonin Artaud
  Jorge Luis Borges
  Paul Bowles
  Constantin Brancusi
  Victor Brauner 
  Andre Breton
  Nicolas Calas
  Albert Camus
  Leonora Carrington 
  Marc Chagall
  Joseph Cornell
  e.e. cummings
  Jean Dubuffet
  Marcel Duchamp
  Lawrence Durrell
  Max Ernst 
  Esteban Frances
  Charles Henri Ford
  Jean Genet
  Paul Goodman
  Brion Gysin
  Morris Hirshfield
  James Johnson Sweeney  
  Leon Kelly
  Paul Klee
  Lincoln Kirstein
  Wifredo Lam
  Philip Lamantia
  Fernand Leger
  Rene Magritte
  Andre Masson
  Marshall McLuhan
  Henry Miller
  Joan Miro
  Isamu Noguchi
  Georgia O'Keeffe 
  Benjamin Peret
  Pablo Picasso
  Man Ray
  Edouard Roditi
  Harold Rosenberg
  Raymond Roussel
  Jean-Paul Sartre
  Kurt Seligmann
  Wallace Stevens
  Yves Tanguy
  Pavel Tchelitchew 
  Parker Tyler
  William Carlos Williams

  View: Parade of the avant-garde : an anthology of View magazine (1940-1947) - 
  Charles H. Ford (Editor), Catrina Neiman, Paul Nathan (1991) 

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