1916 b. July 6th. Nora Berta Unica Ruth Zürn in Berlin-Grunewald.
    German  Writer and Painter.
 1931 Introduced into nazi high society.
 1933 Working in the Studios of Universum Film AG ->.

 1942 m Erich Laupenmühlen; two children.

 1949 Divorced loses custody of her two children.
   Wrote short stories for newspapers and radio plays.

 1953 meets Hans Bellmer.

 1954 Moves to Paris with him. 
   Meets Man Ray, Andre Pieyre de Mandiargues, Max Ernst and 
   Henri Michaux -> (See also ->).
   Pictured ~> with one of the dolls. (photo Leonore Mau).

 1957 Takes mescaline with Henri Michaux.

 1958? Series of Bondage photographs -> by Bellmer one appearing as the 
    cover of the fourth issue ~> of Surréalisme Même.    

 1970 d. Oct. 19th.Paris; suicide jumping from a window of her and Bellmer's 
    sixth floor apartment.

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