1924 Oct 9th. b. Ilkley, W. Yorks.
    English Painter Writer, box maker.
    Sudden prayers make God jump.

 1948 Visiting London, meets George Melly.

 1966 Retrospective at Leeds Institute at insistance of Patrick Hughes.

 1967 John Lyle persuades him to exhibit in The Enchanted Domain at Exeter.

 1967 Teaching at Leeds Polytech; friends with Ian Breakwell and Glen Baxter.

 1968 m. Gail
   Musrum with Eric Thacker.

 171? Wokker, See notes and Gallery.

 1972? First London solo show by Angela Flowers.

 1975? Begins making boxes->.

 1979 Contributes to TRANSFORMAcTION€Ž?.

 1984 Work reproduced in Patrick Hughes ' More on Oxymoron.

 2000? Work commissioned by Jeffrey Sherwin.

 2001? Aug. 17th. d. His funeral was different ->.

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