1915 b. April 15th. in Tsarskoe Selo, Russia;
    as Antonino Romanov del Renzio dei Rossi di Castellone e Venosa.
   Russian - English Painter, art historian and Writer
    After schools in Switzerland and Britain, he went to universities in the United States 
    and Italy graduating in philosophy and mathematics.

 1935 Conscripted into Mussolini's Tripolitan cavalry in Abyssinia. 
    Deserted and fled via Morocco.

 1937 Arrived Paris, where he met Pablo Picasso and Roberto Matta and 
   Benjamin Peret.
   Befriended most of the surrealists there, especially Andre Masson.

 1940 Went to England; and through Roland Penrose and Edouard Mesens 
   joined the Surrealists;
   During World War II, he was enlisted in "reserved" work connected with the Allies, 
   including General Charles de Gaulle's Free French fighters, for whom he designed 
   and co- ordinated a travelling exhibition.

 1942 March; organised the publication of Arson challenging the position of
   ELT Mesens.
   Contributions from: Conroy Maddox, Robert Melville, Eileen Agar, 
   Pierre Mabille  Nicholas Calas?, Emmy Bridgwater, Edith Rimmington, 
   Esteban Frances and Gordon Onslow-Ford?. 
   Brief affair with Emmy Bridgwater.

 1943 m. Ithell Colquhoun. 
   Became the editor of the Surrealist section of New Road.

 1945 a 24-year-old girl, Sonia Araquistain, the daughter of the Spanish Republican 
   foreign minister in exile in London, committed suicide by jumping naked from the 
   top of their house in Bayswater. He asked for contributions of poems and drawings 
   inspired by her act. Ithell Colquhoun who produced  Dreaming Leaps 
   and Georges Hugnet, who sent poems.   

 1947 Separated from Ithell.

 1969? Met Doris Lilian Miller a student at Bath.

 1971? m. Doris Miller.

 2007? d. Jan. 7th. Margate, Kent.

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