1900 b. Paris of Savoyard parents. Also known as Therese Treize.
    Artists Model and Muse.

 1918 - 1920 Studies with -> Georges Hebert;
    Frequents the Rotunde with Siria a Mexican dancer.

 1922 Met and befriended Kiki and through her met Man Ray and Tristan Tzara.
    Photo of her with Kiki by Man Ray.
 1923 Left Hebert to set up her own exercise studio in Montparnasse. 
    Christened Therese Treize by Robert Desnos with whom she had a brief affair.
    Lived at 9 Rue Campagne Premiere 
    Residents here were Per and Lucy Krohg and the painter -> Othon Friesz. 
    Further along, at number 17, -> Rainer Maria Rilke and Mina Loy had lodgings. 
    Eugene Atget -> lived at 17, bis.

 1923 Started affair with -> Per Krohg.

 1925 Kiki, Per Krohg  and Treize travel to Villefranche and Kiki gets arrested.
     In a sketch by -> Oscar Fabres of the Cafe Dome.

 1928 Brief part in sequence shot of Paris la belle. 
     Photographed with Georges Malkine, -> Joseph Kessel and Kiki. 
     Both Kiki and Treize had pet mice. 
     When she went to Le Boeuf sur le Toit the pianist Doucet used to give her 
     a rose and play a special foxtrot for her.

 1929 Met -> Irene Zurkinden. 
     Signing party for Kiki Souvenirs pictured with Hermine David ~>, Charlotte Broca, 
     -> Mariette Lydis, Foujita, Per Krohg, and Kisling.
     Dinner photographs with Edouard Ramond, Mmme Thernot, Foujita, Andre Salmon ~>, 
     Hermine David, -> Jean Dufy, 
     Mado Anspach, Henri Broca, Lucy Krohg, 
     Zinah Pichard, Mariette Lydis, Per Krohg, Suzy Ruef, Robert Desnos.
     Bal Ubu the last ball in Montparnasse, which was organized by Madelaine Anspach 
     who was Andre Derain's mistress.

    -> Les Montparnasse Girls - Treize, Clara, Ingo, Kiki, Zinah, Siria

 1930 At Pascin's funeral, Per leaves her to rejoin Lucy. 
     Louisa James (fiance of Alexander Calder) joins her classes. 
     Becomes assistant to Calder and his -> minature circus.
     Photographed at chez Duchet together with Hermine, Nico Gardel, Salmon, 
     Per M. Duchet, Pascin, Genevieve Galibert, Julie Luce, Nana Schweigard, 
     Jeanne Salmon, Guy
     photo at Rotonde includes Pascin, Henri Broca, Man Ray, Claudia, Lucy, Zinah, Kiki.

 1932 m. Manuel Cano de Castro ~> a Costa Rican born Catalan painter
     and had a son. 
     Photographed ~> - Man Ray.
     de Castro taught Antonin Artaud how to read Tarot cards.

     Photographed -> by Brassai. 

 1938 Andre Breton is infatuated with her, sending her love letters 
     which she showed to Georges Henein after a chance meeting.

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