1900 b. September 26th. in Aubervillers, Paris
   French  Muse.
 1924 Arived in Paris with her childhood friend Helene Zema.  
   Worked in a brothel.

 1926 Set up in an apartment by Emmanuel Berl ->. 

 1927 Nov; introduced to Andre Breton by  Berl, as Breton describes in 
   the closing of Nadja  spending two weeks with him in S. of France.
larger ->
  1928 Inspired his book of poems My Heart Through Which Her Heart Has Passed 
   Avid participant in Surrealist games.
   Portrait by Man Ray (see above).
   Dec;  m. Emmanuel Berl.

 1929 jan; Cadavre Exquis with  Andre breton, Frederic Megret, and Georges Sadoul. 
   La Revolution Surrealiste - On Love: Reply to an Inquiry 
   Louis Aragon, Andre Breton, Robert Desnos, Suzanne Muzard, Benjamin Peret, 
   Yves Tanguy.
   Published in Belgian magazine Varietes in Surrealism edition.
   Surrealist Games with Elsie Houston and Jeannette Ducrocq Tanguy.

 1930 Suzanne Muzard et sus deux chats -> 
   March; finishes her affair with Andre Breton.

 1931 Muse for Breton's poem Union Libre -> and also in Les Vases communicants.

 1934 c. affair with Frederic Megret

 1936 Divorces Berl.
   Moves to Tahiti and meets Jacques Cordonnier a photographer ->.

 1940  m. Jacques Cordonnier.

 1950's occasionally attends Surrealist Group meetings.

 1961 Death of Jacques Cordonnier.

 1992? d.

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