1905 Jan 12th. b. Rome.
    Italian   Painter

   Italian vice-consul in Monaco leaves his diplomatic life when in

 1942 He meets Leonor Fini with whom he lives the rest of his life.

 1945 Portrait by Fini.
   Photo -> with Fini.

 1946 In Paris in a Menage a Trois with Leonor Fini and Count Sforzino Sforza ->.

 1952 Menage a Trois with Fini and Constantin Jelenski' -> known as Kot -> Fr. and who was 
   an illegitimate son of Sforca.

 1961 L'oiseau de feu ->.

 1970 Rinoceronte ->.

 1977? Coup de foudre (Love at First Sight).
Larger ->.
 1980 The Encounter
Larger ->.
   d. Paris.

  Stanislao Lepri -> (Author), Mario Praz (Foreword).

  See bio -> and work -> and.
  Galerie Minsky ~>.

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