1889? January 13th. b. Davos, Switzerland. 
   Swiss artist, Painter  and Sculptor, Dancer, Puppet Making, Tapestry.
   One of the founders of the Dada movement.
   Attends the School of Applied Arts in St. Gallen.

 1911 - 1913 Attends the workshop of Wilhelm von Debschits in Munich.

 1915 In Zurich meets Jean Arp at the Galerie Tanner where he was 
   exhibiting with Otto van Rees and Adya Rees-Dutilh; and which included tapestry 
   and embroidery alongside paintings and drawings. 1.

 1916 Teaching at Zurich School of Arts and Crafts
    With Kathe Wulff at Monte Verita and joined the Laban Dance Group 
    which included Mary Wigman, Maria Vanselow, Suzanne Perrottet and Maja Kruscek.
    Choreographs and Performs at Dada Soirees.
    Die Kaufleute was choreographed by her and Kathe Wulff, with a backdrop 
    designed by Jean Arp and Hans Richter and masks by Marcel Janco.

 1917 Tapestry 
 1918 Photographed with her puppets ->.
   Creates marionettes especially for Carlo Gozzi's Stag King at the Theatre 
   Zurichois de Marionnettes.

 1920 Taches quadrangulaires evoquant un groupe de personnage.

 1922 Marries Arp. Changed her last name to Taeuber-Arp.

 1926 Transformation of €Aubettea building in Strasbourg in collaboration 
   with Arp and Theo van Doesburg.

 1929 Designs couples house in Meudon.

 1930 Simple abstract geometric compositions. 
   Sympathizes with Constructivists and Michel Seuphor’s Cercle et Carree.

 1935 Abstract creation group with Arp and Wolfgang Paalen.

 1937 Editor and designer of review Plastiques with Domela.
   Cadavre Exquis with Jean Arp, Oscar Dominguez, Marcel Jean. 
 1938 exhibited at the Exposition Internationale du Surrealisme?.

 1940 Couple find themselves in Grasse at Magnelli’s house where they are joined 
   by Sonia Delaunay.
   Re-experiments with Dada techniques and creates in common gouaches and drawings.
   She draws lost lines on chaotic ground.
   Fails to get visa for USA. Escapes to Switzerland, stays at Max Bill's -> house. 

 1943 d. Jan 13th. Accidentally intoxicated by fumes of faulty gas heater in Bill's house.
   Jan; Shown in Exhibition by 31 Women at Peggy Guggenheim's 
   Art of this Century, New York.

 1995 Switerland produces a banknote in her honor. 
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