1918 b. Apr 18th b. Lucerne 
   Swiss Painter
 1935 in love with Annemarie Schwarzenbach -> a writer and photojournalist.

 1936 Meets Klaus Mann ->
   Moved to USA . Studied at Sarah Lawence College.

 1938 Suicide attempt.

 1941 Joined Art Students League in New York.

 1942 Met Andre Breton, Roberto Matta, Marcel Duchamp, Max Ernst, 
  Kurt Seligmann, Isabelle Waldberg, Robert Motherwell and David Hare.

 1943 Jan;  Exhibited in Exhibition by 31 Women at Peggy Guggenheim's 
   gallery - Art of this Century.
   March publication of a poem and drawing in VVV #2-3.

 1945 Rented her studio from Andre Breton. 
   She was close to him and Jacqueline Lamba
   Affair with Alice Rahon.
   The Presence of Illumination 
larger ->.
   Autumn; Travels to Mexico. 
   Met Wolfgang Paalen, Frida Kahlo, Gordon Onslow Ford, Leonora Carrington 
   and Remedios Varo.
   Nov. - Anais Nin is at the Sekula's going away party for Andre Breton.

 1946 First solo show at Art of this Century. 
   Frida Kahlo visits the Sekula family.
   with Natica Waterbury in Long Island and travels with her to New Mexico. 

 1947 Lived in same building at 346 Monroe Street, where composer John Cage -> 
   and dancer and choreographer Merce Cunningham -> lived.  
   They became close friends. (poem ->).
   Shares a house with  and travels with her to Mexico. 
   Photographed by Andre de Dienes ->; See (bio ->.

 1948 Switched to Betty Parsons -> Gallery.

 1949 Leaves for Europe. meets Manina Thoeren in St. Tropez.
   September; she visits Capri with Natica Waterbury, proceeding to Rome and Athens.

 1950 Feb; in London for an exhibition with Max Ernst.
   In Paris she lives in the same hotel as Natica Waterbury and Jane Bowles ->.
   She meets Pierre Boulez ->, Alice B Toklas and Leopold Sedar Senghor ->.
   Aug; August in Tangiers and from there to Spain.
   Nov; returns to New York.

 1951 Apr; Third show at Betty Parsons Gallery; 
   Has nervous breakdown, hospitalized.

 1952 John Cage dedicates one of the "Seven Haiku" to Sonja.
   Oct. returned to Switzerland with her mother; hospitalized.

 1954 Jan. returns to New York. Hospitalized.

 1955 Family return with her to Switzerland.

 1956 Meets with Betty Parsons in Venice.

 1957 Brief visit to New York.
    Jan. - First exhibition in Switzerland.
    Apr. - Meets Jean Dubuffet in Paris 
    Oct. - Visits Jean Arp in Switzerland

 1958? Meets Adrien de Menasce ~>.

 1960 Splits with Betty Parsons. Meets Sylvia Mosimann.

 1961 Sharing an apartment with Sylvia in Zurich.
     Feb. Visited by Wifredo Lam and his wife Lou.

 1963 Lesbiennes II
Larger ->
   d. Zurich, Suicide, hanging herself in her studio.

   Sonja Sekula: Grace in a cow's EYE : a memoir -> - Kathrin Schaeppi

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