1885 b. Nov. 14th. as Sarah Ilinitchna Stern, probably in Gradizhske, then in 
    the Russian Empire, today in Poltava Oblast in the Ukraine.

    Ukranian French Painter textile designer and stage set designer.
 1890 In St. Petersburg, adopted by her mother's brother Henri Terk.

 1905 Moves to Paris.

 1907 Jeune fille endormie ->

 1908 m. Wilhelm Uhde; a marriage of conveniance.

 1910 m. Robert Delaunay.
    Birth of their son Charles.

 1912 Close friend Guillaume Apollinaire came to live in their studio.

 1913 Illustrates Blaise Cendrars poem '' La prose du Transibérien et de la 
     petite Jeanne de France'' printed on a two metre board.

 1914 Moved to Madrid.

 1915 Moved to Portugal.

 1916 In Tossa del Mar, near Barcelona with Robert; 
    working in a small circle of refugee artists that included Marie Laurencin, Francis Picabia
    and Albert Gleizes ->, a founder of cubism.

 1917 With Robert meets Sergei Diaghilev in Madrid.
    Orphism - untitled ->

 1920 Visited Paris. Nancy Cunard was wearing her designs.

 1921 Move to Paris.

 1923 Cardboard costumes for Soiree du Coeur a barbe?.

 1924 Illustrates one of Joseph Delteil's poems La Mode qui vient.

 1928 Designed a Bathing Suit ->.

 1929 swimsuits ->.

 1931 Rug Design -> (after Mondrian ->).

 1936 Meets Re, wife of Philippe Soupault.

 1940 In an Art colony in Grasse; joined by Jean Arp and Sophie Taeuber.

 1941 Death of Robert.

 1964 The first living female artist to have a retrospective exhibition at the Louvre.

 1970 Abstract ->.  

 1975? Legion of Honour.

 1979 d. December 5th. in Paris.

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