1888 b.  24 Aug. in Bougourouslan, Russia.
    Russian Painter and Poet.
    Studied Painting in Moscow.

 1912 Arrived in Paris after Military Service and joined the Cubist workshop 
    of Henri Le Fauconnier ->; See also ->.

 1914  On declaration of war he went to Barcelona where he met Arthur Cravan,  
    Albert Gleizes ->, Marie Laurencin,
 Francis Picabia, and Josef Dalmau? 
    who encouraged his abstract painting.

 1917 Oct; Returned via Russia to Paris. 

 1920 May  Festival Dada in la salle Gaveau remeeting Francis Picabia. 
    Attended Dada meetups in the cafe Certa (Passage de l'Opera).

 1921 May; Dada manifestations, notably the Arrest of Barras organised by Andre Breton. 
    June; Exhibited at Galerie Montaigne, organised by Tristan Tzara showing work 
    inspired by  "mecaniques", Francis Picabia.  
    Illustrated Poem Foule immobile 
    Founded Dadaist group  "Palata Poetov" ("La Chambre des Poetes") 

 1921 Dec  21st. Une soiree "dadaiste russe" critisised by Andre Breton 
    and Louis Aragon. 

 1922-1925 Man Ray made a portrait of Charchoune.

 1922 Went to Berlin.
    May, produced Russian edition of "Perevoz Dada" ("Le Transbordeur Dada"). 
    Later he edited a Poetry anthology in German, French, and Russian Dadaizm, kompilacija 
    and collaborated in "Merz" by Kurt Schwitters before leaving the movement. 
    Met Isadora Duncan ->.

 1923 Returned to Paris; reacquainted with Amedee Ozenfant.

 1975? Nov. 24th. d. Villeneuve-Saint-Georges, France (actuellement Val-de-Marne).
        He was a friend and contemporary of Man Ray and Marcel Duchamp.

    See wiki ->.

    See timeline