1914 b. June 14th. in Edinburgh.
    Scottish writer.

 1936 Photographed at London International Surrealist Exhibition.
    Rupert Lee, Salvador Dali, Paul Eluard, Roland Penrose, Herbert Read,
    Edouard Mesens, George Reavey, Hugh Sykes Davies, Diana Brinton-Lee?, 
    Nusch, Eileen Agar, Sheila Legge and an unknown friend of Dali.

 1940 - 1945 Conscientious objector.

 1942 Assistant at the Zwemmer Gallery.

 1945 Janet Lye wife of Len Lye is living in his house in Essex

 1947 Moved to New York. 
    Collaborates with Joan Miro and introduces him to Len Lye
    m. to sculptor Joellen Hall Rapee.

 1952 Publishes Space Cat.

 1958? Settled Mallorca
    Friends with Laura Riding -> and Robert Graves ->.

 1968 Publishes Blake; Dante's Plates.

 1971? Publishes William Blake; The Artist.

 1978? d. Mallorca.

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