1904 Nov. 10th. b. in Quimper.   
    French Film Maker, Producer, and Director.
 1921 Portrait de Roland Tual by Andre Masson.   
 1922 Paris, living and working at 45 Rue Blomet. 
    Becomes friendly with Joan Miro and Andre Masson, Georges Limbour, 
    Armand Salacrou ->, Michel Leiris, Raymond Queneau, Max Morise, Jacques Baron, 
    Robert Desnos, Max Jacob, Benjamin Peret.

 1924 Photograph ->
    Top - Bottom Juan Gris ->, Roland Tual, Michel Leiris and Andre Masson in Nemours.

 1925 Signed the Declaration of January 27 1925. 

    m. Colette Jeramec (ex wife of Pierre Drieu la Rochelle).photographed -> by Man Ray.
    Top: Andre Breton,  Louis Aragon, Max Morise, Roland Tual.  
    Bottom: Simone Kahn, Man Ray, Colette Jeramec. 

 1927 Signs Manifesto Hands Off Love in defense of Charlie Chaplin.

 1933? m. Denise Batcheff  (The widow? of Pierre Batcheff).

 1939 Producer La Loi du nord.

 1938 Producer "Mollenard".

 1942 Jean Cocteau writes dialogues for him.

 1943 Tual and Schaeffner organised concerts of music banned by the Germans.
    Met with Robert Bresson ->.

 1944 Paul Eluard inscribed a score "To Denise and Roland Tual in gratitude 
    for the the first performance at their home.

 1945 Producer L' Espoir.

 1946 Christian Dior spends his Sundays at Orsay along with Gaston Gallimard, 
   Michel Archard, and Henri Lartigue ->.

 1956 d. Sept.15th. in Paris

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