1905 b. Aug 10th as Rozsa Klein in Budapest, Hungary
    Hungarian photographer whose work seems to have all but disappeared.

    never, ever photograph anything you feel lukewarm about,
     only what you are passionately interested in.

 1925 Moves to Paris.

 1927 Starts photographing female nudes.

 1930 Secretly m. Andre Kertesz.

 1932 Kertesz leaves her penniless.

 1933 Instructed and encouraged Lisette Model -> and also ->.
     Specializing in Portraiture.  

 1934 Photos -> of Jacqueline Lamba swimming naked underwater, and a Portrait ->.

 1935 Published photograph in Minotaure N° 7 June 10th

 1936 Portrait -> photograph of Man Ray.

 1940 Portrait -> of Dora Maar.

 1944 Kadinsky -> on his deathbed.

 1970 d. Paris.

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