1899? b. Nov. 17th. in Pinsac, Lot.
    French Surrealist  Writer Playwright and Poet.
 1910 Moved to Paris.
    As a young man, he was influenced by symbolism and the writings of Lautreamont 
    and Alfred Jarry 
    A year after his baccalaureat, he published a collection of poems, Le Faune noir.
    During his military service, he met Marcel Arland, Jacques Baron, 
    Georges Limbour 
    and Rene Crevel, who together founded  the literary revue, Aventure. 

 1921 met Andre Breton and Louis Aragon at Cafe Certa.
    Contributed to the first few editions of La Revolution Surrealiste. 
    First edition of magazine "Aventure" with Marcel Arland, Georges Limbour, 
    Max Morise et Rene Crevel.

 1925 May; With Philippe Soupault, Robert Desnos and Paul Eluard 
    storms a lecture by Robert Aron -> where Eluard gets beaten up.
    Around this time has an affair with Helene Zema.

 1926 Slowly segregated from the group along with Antonin Artaud; together 
    they created the Theatre Alfred-Jarry with Robert Aron; partly financed 
    by Yvonne Allendy and Rene Allendy.

 1927 The Mysteries of Love (Les Mysteres de l'amour)  The Cambridge Guide to Theatre 
    describes it as a masterpiece of surrealist theatre now considered a key play in
    20th-century French theatre.
    Expelled from the group.

 1928 Victor, or Power to the Children (Victor ou les enfants au pouvoir).

 1929 Vitrac joined Georges Bataille as one of the signaturies of Un Cadavre 
    against Breton.
    Contributed to Documents.

 1930 "Humorage to Picasso" (1930, issue 3), a poem dedicated to (Pablo Picasso).
    Friendship with Luis Bunuel.

 1931 Worked as a journalist while further exploring burlesque style playwriting.

 1934 His multi-thematic Coup de Trafalgar.
    Signatory to Appel a la Lutte against the rise in fascism.

 1938 Les Demoiselles du large.

 1939 Le Loup-Garou.

 1951 Le Sabre de mon pere.

 1952 d. Jan 22nd. in Paris.

 1962? Jean Anouilh's production of Victor, or Power to the Children.

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