1907 b. 22nd March in Neuilly-sur-Seine.
   French actor and director.

 1930's Member of agit-prop theatre Groupe Octobre.

 1934 Signatory to the Manifesto of 10 Fevrier Appel a la Lutte against 
   increased fascism.
   Worked extensively with Antonin Artaud, Samuel Beckett and Jean Genet?.

 1937 Acted in a production ofUbu enchaine with scenery by Max Ernst 
   and Jean Effel?; and together with actors Sylvain Itkine, and Marcel Jean.

 1952 Obtains funding from an enthusiastic Georges Neveux for Samuel Beckett's 
   Waiting for Godot which he directed (and starred in).

 1953 World premier -> of Waiting for Godot.

 1984 d. Jan 21st. √Čvecquemont.

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