1901 Jan. 5th. b. in Paris.  
   French  Writer and art expert.

 1930's Flirted with Surrealism.

 1936 Meets Marcel Duchamp in the Alfred Stieglitz Gallery, New York.

 1943 Friends with Andre Breton.
   Masque a lame poetry edition accompanied by work from Isabelle Waldberg.

 1947 Edited Da Costa Encyclop├ędique -> with Isabelle Waldberg, a late 
   Surrealist review associated with the Acephale.

 1949 Starts compiling a book on Duchamp.
   Also many articles about Duchamp with Francis Picabia, Giorgio de Chirico, 
   Andre Breton and Man Ray.

 1959 Sur Marcel Duchamp finally published.

 1962? Anthologie des formes inventees treatise on Sculpture, largely foccusing 
   on Surrealism.

 1986 Feb. 28th. d. Paris.

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