1904 b. Jan 1st in Hillerod, Denmark.

    Danish surrealist Painter.
 1929 Moved to Paris.
    Studied with Fernand Leger.
    Meets Pablo Picasso, Luis Bunuel, Max Ernst and her fure husband 
    the journalist Isaac Grünberg.

 1934 Returned to Denmark.
    Joined with other Danish surrealists Elsa Thoresen and Vilhelm Bjerke-Petersen,
    Ejler Bille and Richard Mortensen, who she met in the abstract artgroup "Linien" ->.

 1936 Searching for the Moon ~>

     Mid '30's First solo show held in Denmark.

 1937 Returned to Paris.
    The Party 
 1938 Invited to London by Peggy Guggenheim to hold a solo show.
    Remained in England for the War.

 1940 June, m. Isak Grünberg, a journalist.

 1944 birth of Danielle Rose.

 1948 Moves to St.Jeanett in Provence.

 1940 Exhibition Surrealism Today at Zimmer Gallery? together with 
    Eileen Agar, Roland Penrose.

 1998? Apr. 10th d. Copenhagen.

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