1912 b. Aug 1st in Ixelles
    Belgian - Painter 
 1929 Exhibited at Salon des Indépendants in Paris.
   She came to know Andre Breton, Jean Cocteau, Max Ernst, 
   Georges Bataille Pablo Picasso and Irene Hamoir.

 1931 m. Robert Leurquin.

 1936 Starts afffair with right-wing Flemish nationalist Joris van Severen ~>.

 1940 Moved to Paris.
   van Severen executed by French army.

 1945 Meets Paul Eluard who created a poem for inclusion in the catalogue 
   of her first exhibition at the Galerie de Berri.

 1946 La Polka ~>.

 1947 Muse for Rene Magritte - Schéhérazade ~>

 1948 divorced Robert.
    Marcel Lecomte wries his book about her work.

 1952 Mistress of Paul Leautaud ~>
    who in a letter formally opposed her publishing her erotic poetry.

 1953 Exhibition directed by Andre Breton.

 1956 Exhibition directed by Andre Breton.

 1961 Settled in Bruges.

 1965 Published biography of van Severen.

 1966 Exhibited at the Palais des Beaux-Arts in Brussels. 

 1976 Louis Scutenaire and Tom Gutt prefaced her exhibition in 
    Brussels at the Isy Brachot gallery.

 1983? d. Bruges.

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