"The pure Imagination chooses from either Beauty or deformity, only the most combinable things 
   hitherto uncombined; the compound as a general rule, partaking, in character of beauty, or sublimity, 
   in the ratio of the respective beauty or sublimity of the things combined - which are themselves still to be 
   considered as atomic - that is to say, as previous combinations. But as so often analogously happens in 
   physical chemistry, so not unfrequently does it occur in this chemistry of the intellect, that the 
   admixture of two elements results in a something that has nothing of the qualities of one of them, or 
   even nothing of the qualities of either".

   Extract from Marginalia (1884) 
   "That individuals have so soared above the plane of their race, is scarcely to be questioned; 
   but, in looking back through history for traces of their existence, we should pass over all biographies 
   of "the good and the great," while we search carefully the slight records of wretches who died in prison, 
   in Bedlam, or upon the gallows".

   From : - Surrealism and Painting - Andre Breton 

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