1909 b. Jan 5th. in Paris.
     French, Surrealist Poet, Writer, journalist.

  1926 His story Long Live the Bride! appeared in La Revolution Surrealiste.

  1927 Jan; Joined Communist Party together with Marcel Duhamel, Paul Eluard, 
     Michel Leiris, Jacques Prevert, Yves Tanguy, Andre Breton, 
     Louis Aragon, Jacque Baron? (Benjamin Peret had joined Oct. previous).
     Signs Manifesto Hands Off Love in defense of Charlie Chaplin.

  1928 Feb; Fifth Session of Investigating Sex : Maxime Alexandre, 
     Andre Breton, Marcel Duhamel, Max Ernst, Marcel Noll, Benjamin Peret, 
     Jacques Prevert, Raymond Queneau, Georges Sadoul.

  1929 Took part in conversations Investigating Sex with Paul Eluard, 
     Andre Breton, Yves Tanguy, Albert Valentin, Mme Unik, Nusch, 
     Andre Thirion and Jeanette Ducrocq?.

  1930 Writes screenplay of Wuthering Heights with Luis Bunuel.
     Contributed to Le Surrealisme au service de la revolution?.

  1933 Worked with Luis Bunuel on the production of Las Hurdes tierra sin pan.

  1931 Published Le Theatre des nuits blanches.

  1936 Worked with Jean Renoir on La vie est a nous.
      Meets his wife Josie Le Flohic

  1937 During the Spanish Civil War, Unik worked again with Luis Bunuel 
      on a film supporting the Republican cause.        
      An archival documentary, Espana leal, en armas!

  1940 Imprisoned; spent five years in German labor camps during WWII.

  1945 d. from exposure after escaping from Nazi concentration camp 
       Schmiedberg (Schawlow 1989: 123).

       Prisons and Visions ->: Pierre Unik's 
       Journey from Surrealism into Marxism - Helen Schawlow (1990) 

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