1900 b. April 13th in Agen 
  French Painter, Photographer and "maker of objects". 
  Lived his in Bordeaux. 
  He began his career by painting landscapes, but his work turned towards a fetishistic 
  eroticism early on.
 1918 On the death of his sister, he is alleged to have had sex with her corpse 
   while left alone to photograph it.

 1920 to 1922 Military Service.

 1928 Exhibited a painting in Paris, at the famous Societe Nationale des Beaux-Arts, and 
   founded the Societe des Artistes independants bordelais.

 1940 Mobilized as a male nurse. Taken prisoner by the Germans; after being demobilized, 
   he took refuge in the Bordeaux countryside.

 1948 Made the first painting characteristic of his erotic period, Les amants a la fleur.

 1950 His wife left him.

 1952 Contacted the French novelist and art collector Andre Malraux ->. 
   His daughter Francoise left home. 

 1955 Contacted Andre Breton, who helped him to exhibit in Paris at the 
   gallery L'E‰toile Scellee, and prefaced the catalogue.

 1956 Contributed to several issues of the magazine Le surréalisme, même ->
   including the cover of Issue 2.
   Met the writer and poet Joyce Mansour, "the Divine", and started taking 
   erotic photographs.

 1957 Bought a bar near Bordeaux called the "Texas-Bar" for his so-called 
   "natural daughter" Monique, who was a notorious prostitute.

 1959 Exhibited at EROS curated Andre Breton and Marcel Duchamp.

 1961 Exhibited in Mostra Internazionale del Surrealismo at the
   Gallery Schwartz in Milan. Curated by Andre Breton, Jose Pierre
   and Arturo Schwartz.

 1963 His ties with the Surrealists were suspended.

 1975? Took a series of photographs of the young Swiss painter,  Luciano Castelli ->, 
   dressed as a transvestite, and another series with Thierry Agullo ->, an  
   iconoclastic Bordeaux artist, on the theme of Indecency.

 1976 d. March 3rd. Bordeaux. Suicide.
   "Je prends ma vie. La clef est avec le concierge". 
   ("I'm taking my life. The key is with the concierge.")

   Pierre Molinier  - Jean-Luc Mercie. Translated  by Edward Penwarden.

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